Our mobile and web solution

User friendly, intuitive and easy to use app provides daily information of your activity.

You collect points with every move. Whether you're running a marathon, jogging in the park, or walking to work, you'll get rewarded for your effort. Compete with your peers, get prizes and give back to the community.

You move, we do the rest!

No matter if you're using your phone or a wearable device, we are here to show you your progress and motivate you to push harder.






Professional Support

Multifold benefits for businesses

We help you solve major issues troubling businesses today, using our scientifically proven approach to productivity,
absenteeism, engagement, employer branding and much more...

Raise awareness

We are partnering with charities to provide sustainable donation channels and raise general awareness on local and global issues

Increase Donations

Charities benefit from access to our corporate network not just in terms of higher donations, but from building long-lasting relationships.

We motivate happy, healthy and purposeful employees

Working Out is the New 21st Century Office Must, and Here’s Why

One of the hottest topics of the 21st-century business world is none less than health; employers are actively beginning to emphasize the importance of employees’ physical health in the workplace, and everyone is raising their eyebrows thinking “why discuss this now?”.

Gamification Is the Future of Today, Research Claims

You may have not heard of it per se, but you’ve definitely been living by it – gamification is the ultimate winning modus operandi of everyone aiming for success and looking to pave the road to it with a little bit of fun and a hefty prize.

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