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    Working Out is the New 21st Century Office Must, and Here’s Why

      One of the hottest topics of the 21st-century business world is none less than health; employers are actively beginning to emphasize the importance of employees’ physical health in the workplace, and everyone is raising their eyebrows thinking “why discuss this now?”. If for a second you thought that the cha-ching industry turned from making...
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    Healthorg @ TechPitch 4.5 Sports, Health & Fitness

    Together with seven other amazing sports/health/fitness tech startups, our CEO Josip Balažević pitched HealthOrg business idea and revenue model to a panel of expert judges and the vibrant startup community.  ...
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    Gamification Is the Future of Today, Research Claims

    You may not have heard of it per se, but you’ve definitely been living by it – gamification is the ultimate winning modus operandi of everyone aiming for success and looking to pave the road to it with a little bit of fun and a hefty prize. What exactly do we mean by that? It’s...